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Since summer of 1999

Since summer of 1999, we are manufacturing top quality fine small leather goods and exporting them worldwide. We represent quality, style, value, & utility. WALLETSPLUS is one of the few companies which recognizes the importance of quality and has implemented scientific systems and processes to maintain consistent quality and delivery deadlines. With our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we have successfully combined modern production techniques with genuine craftsmanship. Some of the master artisans at WALLETSPLUS have been handcrafting leather products for generations.


Our Workshop

Our leather goods manufacturing machines are imported from Germany & Italy. The workshop is spread across vast and spacious area and we have the world class infrastructure to compliment it. There are several factors which we take care during manufacturing. The leather is always hand selected. Every piece is individually cut and crafted with high quality and durability.

We have a team of skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who are considered masters in their respective fields. We at WALLETSPLUS believe in delivering international standards of quality. Hence, we have been exporting repeat orders to private labels and brands worldwide.


Leather Quality

All materials used in WALLETSPLUS bags and products are selected with great care keeping in mind our duty and responsibility to our environment. The leathers are tanned and dyed without the use of heavy metals. We use LWG Certified Chrome VI Free leather across our products’ range. The products’ surface remains natural and breathable, which gives the leather its subtly luxurious quality, and allows it to develop a nice patina over time.

All our Bag lining materials are organic too. To ensure that the lining keeps up with the long life of your bag, we select our fabrics with a focus on durability.

In short, we LOVE nature!


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