CEO’s Message

Hello and greetings form Walletsplus, India.

I am Navin Sehgal. Please spare a moment for you to know more about me! My life has always been influenced and directed by the letter “L”.

Like any teenager, at age 17, I wanted to EARN lots, and I joined a leather export company who were known to be best in the business. I didn’t earn enough, but I understood that to earn I need to Learn. I toiled and sweated and Learned the craft of leather processing, manufacturing, and finishing.

When I started Walletsplus, I recognised that there was no scope of Lacuna in quality. For decades now we have been consistently shipping repeat orders to our customers who are now like family to us. The mantra is – no Lacuna in quality, never ever!

Over my career as a seasoned exporter I also respected the truth of being Loyal to my customers. Prayers may go unanswered, technologies may fail, bad times may engulf us, but Loyalty always comes back with rewards and returns.

On my personal life, I too have passions and hobbies. I love my kiddo beagles Ace & Zoe. After an exhausting day at office and factory, I inevitably look forward for a Laidback attitude with them when they are literally on top of me and I am Laidback!! I’m sure all pet owners will agree.

Another confession, I also have a weakness for Long Rides. Riding a bike on European express highway with bum-chum pals, on the way to the Alps with heavenly scenic beauty is exhilarating and something I always look forward to.

Okay, enough of me, lets meet and collaborate and share our thoughts sometime. I Look forward for a mutually beneficial relationship.

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