Social Consciousness

Advocates to Social Causes

Walletsplus supports social causes to return to the society and nature from whom we are born and bred. We whole heartedly endorse the purposes of selfless Non-Governmental-Organisations (NGO’s) which strive to improve the life and dignity of the needy and the challenged.

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Walletsplus supports Cheshire Home at Tollygunge, Kolkata and Serampore, Hoogly, West Bengal.

Tollygunge Cheshire Home was inaugurated by Late Lord Leonard Cheshire in 1972 mainly for rehabilitating PwD’s with focus on disabled females.

The Serampore facility has residential and community based services for the disabled. The residential services provide support for daily living to disabled men, women and children, through personal care, rehabilitation and recreational activities. Read More…

Walletsplus also supports and is a beneficiary of the Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of West Bengal.

Modern Pranic healing, founded by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, is an ancient art and science of energy-based healing techniques using universal laws of nature to balance and heal energy field surrounding human body.

Prana or “Life Force” means energy – and our physical body, our relationships, our thoughts, our emotions, our success and our prosperity are all rooted in energy or Prana. Read More…

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