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Flying Boats are here! One of the cleanest rivers in the world is in India.


River Umngot, 100 Kms from Shillong, in Indian state of Meghalaya has been ranked as the cleanest river in India. It seems as if the boat is in air; water is so clean and transparent.  

Flowing through Dawki town in Meghalaya, the Umngot River is a prime spot for fishermen from nearby areas. On your next trip to India, don’t forget to explore this hidden gem. We are proud of River Umngot and wish all the rivers were as clean. Hats off to the Department of Water Resources and people of Meghalaya. 

Water is essential for the resilience of business. Climate change will introduce dramatic changes and deep uncertainties that will exacerbate the already deep-water crisis. Today 45 per cent of companies report exposure to risks from water insecurity estimated at over US$ 425 billion. This number will only grow as companies of all shapes and sizes are exposed to these risks through their own operations or through water consumed across their value chains. The UN Global Compact CEO Mandate and its Water Resilience Coalition call on businesses to achieve net-positive water impact (NPWI) and water resilient value chains by 2050 to build resiliency for their own operations and the communities and ecosystems in which they operate. 

At Walletsplus, we too have long initiated Waste Reduction Project (WPI) and Eco-Friendly production strategy using LWG certified Sustainable Leathers.  

Let’s listen to the faint whisper of Mother Earth and abide by it!

Also, an old video depicting what humans can learn from animals!

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