We at WALLETSPLUS, have been manufacturing and exporting leather products to some of the most reputed brands and labels world-wide, since the last 24 years.

Although leather has timeless qualities that have kept it around for centuries and made it a product of choice, yet there are many misconceptions about it. Here are a few of them. Let us bust these well-known myths associated with leather products.

Weight of Leather

The most common and major conventional myth about leather products is that it is too heavy to carry and travel with. It actually depends on what kind of hide is employed to make your leather goods. In fact, leather with canvas products from WALLETSPLUS are most sought after for design and durability. Cattle hair-on items are also fashionable, lightweight and trendy.


When it comes to longevity of say – bags, wallets, or accessories – none can match the lifespan of leather. Nowadays, accessories are also manufactured with materials like PU or faux leather, but the real deal of leather can last for a lifetime even with heavy wear and tear. Leather grows in looks with use and vintage leather gears are actually most sought after by aficionados. To understand better, we suggest a visit to your nearby historic museum and witness olden leather items well preserved.

Environmentally Conscious

All leathers used at WALLETSPLUS are selected with great care keeping in mind our duty and responsibility towards our environment. The leathers used to produce our products come from our Indian milking cows, which have lived a free life in nature, not being confined inside a milk production factory. Once the cows have served their main purpose of producing milk and die a natural death, the leather/skin is then separated, allowing manufacturers like us to buy the beautiful and versatile by-product – a product that would otherwise have been destroyed or ended in landfills.

In conclusion, these cows are not bred for leather purposes, they are in fact a by-product of the Indian milk & food industry; a country where millions consume bovine meat as a daily staple food.

At WALLETSPLUS, our SEDEX & ISO 9001, 45001 certified factories prefer to procure our Leathers from LWG Certified tanneries, use 100% Sustainable Chrome-free Vegetable Tanned Leathers with Recycled Zippers, Recycled Linings, Recycled Canvas & Recycled Packaging Materials.

Cleaning Leather Goods is difficult

There is a deep-rooted misapprehension that cleaning leather accessories is a demanding situation. However, the leather goods are much easier to clean; you just need a piece of cotton cloth and lukewarm water. The process is simple but different from washing other fabrics; you just need to soak a cotton piece into lukewarm water and gently rub the stained area. Also, it is recommended not to use any detergents or any cleansing agents; they might degrade the texture of leather bags, or leather accessories.

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