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Vegetable Tanned Leather refers to the tannage, or the technique of tanning the hides into leather. 

It’s called “Vegetable” because of the natural tannins used in the tanning procedure (unlike toxic tanning chemicals) like tree bark and the like. 

What makes Vegetable Tanning so unique is that it used to make a thicker leather and results in more body and character – perfect for bags, wallets, and accessories manufacturing. Vegetable Tanned leather always ages better and develops a rich patina over time. The most premium products manufactured at Walletsplus’ factory are from Veg Tanned leathers.

However, please remember, the entire process is very time and labour intensive, even taking up to six weeks to complete.   

The process of Vegetable tanning uses organic material and natural tannins derived from the barks, leaves and branches of trees and plants. This results in colours that are rich and deep in natural earthy tones. Vegetable Tanned leather also has a distinctively sweet, woody fragrance. Each piece manufactured at Walletsplus’ factory made with this leather has unique shade and nuances, which are a mark of genuineness.  

Please remember, Vegetable Tanned leather is always more expensive than chrome leather due to the longer manufacturing times and artisanal nature of the tanning process. It’s always the first choice to be used for high-end products.  

While Vegetable Tanned leather is more expensive than chrome leather, its many desirable characteristics make is a great choice for the few discerning leather buyers. It is Sustainable, delivers Eco-Fashionable products of a higher quality and is Chemical-Free in the tanning process. It provides great value for money due to its durability. It is also a fashion classic that never goes out of style.

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