best leather for wallets

“Clothes make the man…” said Mark Twain.
Similarly, the texture, beauty and durability of leather and craftsmanship decide the quality of end leather product.

Let us overview a few different kinds of leathers to narrow down our best suited choice for an immaculate Wallet.

The best leather for wallets should be Genuine Leather. Split leather is the lower layer of the hide that isshaved off the top grain. However, Bonded leather is made from scraps of leather bonded together.Always prefer choosing Split leather as it is a better option over bonded in terms of durability and looks.

Another popular choice is the Top Grain leather. Whereas split leather is the lower level of the hide, top grain is the top of the hide or outer most layer. A top grain leather is stronger than a split grain option.

Next, Full Grain leather comes from the outer most surface of the hide. The difference between the two is that full grain leather is not sanded or processed so they have a deeper beauty thanks to the natural markings. Full grain is also a good choice for the best leather for wallets because of its durability and beauty.

Also, another favourite option is Nappa Leather. This leather is also Full Grain, however, it is dyed and processed a bit more and hence, offers a refined and sophisticated appeal common in higher grade leather wallets.

Exotic leathers include leathers from alligator, ostrich, snake, and eel among others. This type of leather should not be confused with leathers of cow hide made with textures of ostrich or alligator texture in the surface.

Also popular is Suede leather. It is extra soft and supple and very commonly used for Wallet production.

Last, but not the least BEWARE of another type of leather that is Man-Made. This isn’t real, genuine leather and is usually comprised of synthetic components. The term is just something loosely applied to wallets of lesser quality to try to pass themselves off as leather to the unsuspecting shopper.

Choose your leather wisely for the next Wallet you buy, because you are defined by the quality of leather wallet that you slip out of your pocket in public!

best leather for wallet

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