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At Walletsplus we manufacture leather accessories in various kinds of leathers, namely – Cow, Calf, Buff, Lamb, Goat and Sheep. Today, let us discuss the differences between Buffalo Leather and Cowhide Leather.

Buffalo leather and cowhide leather are two of the most popular types of leather used in the fashion and accessories industry. While both types of leather share some similarities, they also have distinct differences that may impact their performance and durability.

Here are some of the key differences between buffalo leather and cowhide leather:

Hide Size & Grain Appearance

Though buffalo are bigger than cows by about half a ton, their hides are smaller because Buffalo hides are not stretched during the tanning process to preserve their wonderful and desirable grain patterning. Buffalo hides grain is also more distinct than cowhide leather grains and gives a finished leather product a more earthy or rustic look. Cowhide leather is smoother and has a more uniform texture and grain pattern.

Strength and Durability

Buffalo leather is generally thicker and stronger than cowhide leather. It is often used to make heavy-duty items like belts, jackets, and boots. Cowhide leather is also very durable, but not as strong as buffalo leather. It is mostly used to manufacture items like wallets, bags, and small leather goods.


Cowhide leather is generally softer and more pliable than buffalo leather, which can make it more comfortable to carry for premium leather accessories. Buffalo leather, on the other hand, is harder and stiffer and may require more breaking in.


Buffalo leather is generally more expensive than cowhide leather due to its durability and strength.

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